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Sell Your Camera and Buy Shares in Social Media

 •  March 26

Image No. 700-00017117: This was my first successful stock photograph taken about 20 years ago. It is copyrighted, and the metadata is embedded....

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It’s Time for Photographers to Go Indie

 •  March 19

I was reading a recent article in a Halifax newspaper in which the reporter was interviewing Séan McCann and introducing his latest solo record Help...

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It’s Showtime!

 •  March 12

It's spring, and around these parts that means high school musical season. For those interested in taking in an amateur performing arts show, there...

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Baiting Wildlife Ethics, Part II

 •  March 5

Several weeks back I wrote a post regarding the ethics of luring of fauna for the purposes of creating a photograph. For the record, I personally...

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Talent Promotes Talent

 •  February 19

I seem to recall the caption was something along the lines of Wham, Zang—Is this really Superman? Unfortunately the publication kept the negatives,...

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Photo Contest Follow-Up

 •  February 12

Should photo contest hosts have rights to all entries or just award winners? The choice is yours. In the October/November 2013 issue of Photo...

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Has Film Photography Gone the Way of the Dinosaur?

 •  February 5

Has the TLR and roll film really been relegated to the status of bronze statues? In a rather ironic twist of circumstance, a friend recently...

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In My Mind’s Eye

 •  January 29

Mr. Jim Cooper, and his wife Margaret, on the stage of their Old Shop, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, home. “I’m retired now, you knows, but I still...

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The Ethics of Feeding a Photographer

 •  January 22

My friend, who was a director of a library board, asked me to make a portrait that indicated that office. It was far more efficient to do this in...

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The Ethics of Baiting Wildlife

 •  January 15

Wildlife photography takes incredible patience and a very refined and specific skill set. While I do not consider myself a wildlife photographer, I...

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