January 26, 2016  • 

Documenting Transitions in the Journey of Parenthood

The Stephen Bulger Gallery is presenting Dona Schwartz’s On The Nest through February 27. Schwartz has photographed both expectant parents and empty nesters for this series examining parenthood. The images were taken in the rooms prepared for the expected children or in the former rooms of the grown children.

January 26, 2016  • 

Let Us Know What You Think!

We've gotten a lot of responses to our survey, but we want to give all of you a chance to have your say, so you have until February 7 to complete and submit the survey. Your feedback helps us know what we're doing right and how we need to continue to grow.

January 26, 2016  • 

Cool Gadget: Ricoh Theta S

A truly unique camera is something we rarely see these days, yet the original Ricoh Theta is certainly qualified. I was very intrigued by the initial Ricoh Theta, but I feel like the concept has come of age with the new Theta S.

January 25, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

"If You Are a Photographer and You Aren't on Instagram, You're Doing It Wrong." Do you agree? And if you are curious about Instagram, you'll definitely want to check out our upcoming February/March issue! Where are you on the geek-artist spectrum? How do you define street photography? This article explains how to get Windows Photo Viewer...

January 21, 2016  • 

Letter from Japan II: Bullet to Sendai

Sendai, the capital of the Miyagi Prefecture, is a large city that lies 365 kilometers north of Tokyo. We're headed there this morning for an all-day tour of Fujifilm's factory, the installation where all their top end lenses and cameras are assembled, including the newly announced X-Pro2 and 100-400mm lens.

January 19, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Just two photos make the the point of why a couple might want to hire a professional photographer to shoot their wedding. This is a creative self-portrait. William Naftel’s book Halifax: A Visual Legacy shows historical photos of Halifax. Photography played an important role in the civil rights movement. Photographer Andrew Geraci...

January 19, 2016  • 


William Eakin’s interest in design, history, objects’ wear and markers of time comes through in his series 24Hours, which is on view from January 21 through March 26 at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon.

January 18, 2016  • 

Is distorted perspective “weird” or “dynamic”?

During my next trip, I will be taking a lot of photos of buildings. When I have done so in the past, the perspective was weird. How can I get perfectly straight lines in my photos?

January 15, 2016  • 

Letter From Japan

I'm a Canadian Fujifilm X-Photographer covering the 5-year anniversary of the X-Series event in Tokyo, surrounded by friends and photographers I've admired for years. A kid in a candy store essentially. And Japan? Well, I get to tick another item off my bucket list.

January 14, 2016  • 

Water’s Edge

In Vancouver, Fred Herzog's Water's Edge will be exhibited at Equinox Gallery from January 9 through February 6. Herzog has devoted his photographic career to documenting Vancouver life, and he is especially drawn to the harbourfront.

January 13, 2016  • 

Patrick Beaulieu: Meander, a Continental Drift

From January 16 to February 27, Art Mûr in Montreal is presenting Patrick Beaulieu: Meander, a Continental Drift. Navigating southern Quebec by kayak all the way to where the Hudson River reaches the Atlantic Ocean in New York, Beaulieu documenting the intersections of landscape and humanity along his route.

January 12, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Did you see that Vogue magazine said you can do without a wedding photographer for your wedding and that they distract from "true love"? Have you heard about Sebastião Salgado's most recent project? These dog photos are hilarious! How big is a 100-MP photo? Another copyright case where an "artist" allegedly appropriated a...

January 11, 2016  • 

Boundary-Pushing Contemporary Landscapes

From January 16 to 30, Newzones in Calgary is presenting a multimedia exhibition of contemporary landscapes that push boundaries and explore themes of conservation. The seven artists of Landscape X 7 are Dianne Bos (Calgary), Chaki (Toronto), John Folsom (Atlanta), Peter Hoffer (Berlin), Stuart McCall (Calgary), Don Pollack (Illinois), and Pat...

January 8, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Get inspired with these 11 TED talks on photography! One photographer shows the evolution of photography through a portrait series. These are interesting night-time street photos. How do you feel about Facebook's photo-tagging function? For three decades, Elsa Dorfman did large-scale portraits for three decades using a rare...

January 7, 2016  • 

How Do We Tell Our Life Stories?

Nancy Friedland's Constellations is on view from January 7 through 30 at Circuit Gallery @ Prefix ICA in Toronto. In these images, the Toronto-based artist explores and searches for meaning in the day-to-day moments of her own family. The images consider how we tell our life stories.