Sanaz Mazinani: Light Times

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A Study in the Vertical #11, Variation #3, 2003-2018 © Sanaz Mazinani / courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery.

From January 12 through February 23, Stephen Bulger Gallery is featuring Sanaz Mazinani: Light Times, a project that analyzes the visual language of photography. Through colour and black-and-white photograms, the artist explores the elemental forces that define the medium, as well as the representation, perception, reproduction and consumption of images.

More Information From the Stephen Bulger Gallery Press Release

Light Times looks at the transformation of the three dimensional into the photographic plane, while emphasizing visual shifts that occur when information is translated through the use of different media. The studies assemble a map of photographic language by framing representations of the physical world, registering a singular perspective, and recording the ephemeral. Through these processes a relationship to reality is created and constructed by the photographer.

Sanaz Mazinani collaborated with Mani Mazinani on Shift, a sound composition that will play from a vinyl record on a turntable in the gallery forming the sound component for this exhibition, the Shift LP will be released on Aerophone Recordings in late February. This sound piece addresses the shifts that take place in sight, memory and perception over time and space. Mazinani also worked with perfumer Ayala Moriel to create ILLUME, a unique environmental fragrance. ILLUME is a poetic response to the experience of the photographic moment and the function of time’s erasure of that original experience. Furthermore, the artist would like to acknowledge the work and creative labour of the other technicians and artists who used their craft to make a selection of the other pieces in this exhibition, namely Mary Hogan, Mike Robinson, Bob Carnie, Naomi Dodds, Taimaz Moslemian, Horst Herget, and Jacob Horwood.

An artist and educator, Sanaz Mazinani is based between San Francisco and Toronto. Her work explores how repetition and pattern make information legible, transform seeing into knowing, with the possibility of altering people’s worldview. Working across the disciplines of photography, social sculpture, and large-scale multimedia installations, Mazinani creates informational objects that invite a rethinking of how we see, suspending the viewer between observation and knowledge. Informed by the visual rhetoric and confounding presence of contemporary media circulation, her multidisciplinary practice aims to politicize the proliferation and distribution of images and introduce critical reflection. Mazinani’s works study forms of state control and consider how re-visualizing embedded power structures might interrupt them. In aestheticizing informational systems, the artist attempts to contribute to a larger understanding of how conflicting realities are constructed and imagine the communicative possibilities of visual language.

Mazinani holds an undergraduate degree from Ontario College of Art & Design and a master’s degree in fine arts from Stanford University. Her work has appeared in solo exhibitions at institutions including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and the West Vancouver Museum. She has participated in worldwide exhibitions in institutions such as the Art Museum at the University of Toronto; the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge; the di Rosa Museum, Napa, California; the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt; and the Museum Bärengasse, Zürich. Mazinani’s artwork has been written about in Artforum, Artnet News, Border Crossings, Canadian Art, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, among others. Her work was recently featured in Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World published by Phaidon. She was recently awarded the Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant and National Endowment for the Arts grant programs, and her work is held in public collections including the Canada Council Art Bank, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the San Francisco International Airport. She currently teaches in the photography department at the San Francisco Art Institute.