The New SRDx Photoshop Plug-in For Dust-and-Scratch Removal

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Developed by LaserSoft Imaging, the new innovative plug-in SRDx (Smart Removal of Defects) complements Photoshop’s already existing image-repair tools while significantly accelerating the correction time of image defects.

vorher_nachher_horse_hoch_enWhen digitalizing images with a scanner or with a digital camera, it is possible that dust and scratches from the analogue original appear in the digital image. Such defects are usually quite difficult to remove. SRDx—Smart Removal of Defects—is the ideal Photoshop plug-in, allowing for both manual control of image correction and automatic recognition of image defects. Specifically designed for the removal of small defects, SRDx is seamlessly integrated with already established workflows while complementing Photoshop’s already existing correction stamp tool. High performance, graphics-processor-based calculations ensure top performance.

With the SRDx plug-in, Photoshop users have a tool at their disposal suitable for the correction of all types of image defects. As a result, image retouching is executed with speed nearing that of hardware-based solutions. The SRDx plug-in is now available for OS X systems. During the SRDx plug-in launch, all customers will receive a special discount on software through the end of January 2017.

As the core function of the SilverFast HDR Software, SRDx – Smart Removal of Defects is also available in a Photoshop-independent version. For more information and a demo version, visit

About LaserSoft Imaging
LaserSoft Imaging was founded by physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky in 1986 in Kiel, Germany. Ever since, the company is contributing numerous inventions to high-quality processing of analogue and digital pictures. LaserSoft Imaging thus is renowned worldwide for its SilverFast software as a pioneer in the field of scanner and digital-imaging software. The range of products includes software for scanners, printers, plug-ins and for HDR image processing. LaserSoft Imaging produces high-quality targets for IT8 colour calibration.


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