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PhotoRepublik Filters

Finding budget filters that don’t have an adverse effect on image quality has become an impossible task lately. While most budget filters won’t hurt your wallet, the quality of your images can take quite a beating, with loss of clarity and a gain of unsightly ghosting and fringing. So when I tried out PhotoRepublik’s line of filters, I was very skeptical about the image quality that I was going to get. However, after testing the filter line, I was shocked to find my image quality was close to that of mid- to high-quality filters, at about half the price.

PhotoRepublik offers an extensive range of filters from circular polarizers, neutral-density filters ranging from ND4 to ND2000, and both regular- and pro-level UV filters. The size range of these filters is also very impressive, with filter sizes between 37 mm to 82 mm in diameter.

The build quality of the filter itself is superb; the entire filter line is made from a high-grade machined aluminum alloy that offers a lightweight durable feel. The filters attach to the front of the lens very smoothly, even after several weeks of being removed and reapplied. Weather did not really have an effect on the filter, with no seizing to be reported.

The Pro UV Filter was particularly amazing. Made from high-quality Schott glass, it offers no discernible loss in image quality and doesn’t add colour cast to the image. Having this filter on my lens was like having nothing over it at all, while still benefiting from the added protection to the lens’ front element. The Pro UV filter is also built with a slim ring that keeps it small and flat against the lens, barely increasing its length by 2 mm. Additionally, it has a front filter screw to allow the attachment of other accessories, which is very uncommon for slim-mount filters. The regular filter performed almost as well as the Pro, with only a little ghosting when hit by direct light, and some softening around the edges of images.

The circular-polarizer and neutral-density (ND) filters also performed very well. The polarizer offers smooth turning rings and very lovely results when it comes to removing reflection and increasing color and contrast, all the while maintaining a respectable image quality. The ND filters performed well for the most part, dropping light at the advertised amount. The tonal reproduction was very strong as well, but it did produce a slightly cool cast to images. However, this was easily compensated for in-camera or through editing software.

The PhotoRepublik line of filters has proven itself to be one of the strongest contenders in the budget-filter market, offering professional quality without breaking the bank. With an incredible selection to choose from, these filters are a must-have for both the professional and beginner alike. For more information on PhotoRepublik filters, check out

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