Cool Gadget: Manfrotto Off Road Tripod

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Manfrotto Off Road Tripod

Manfrotto Off Road Tripod

When doing any form of photography which requires a lot of on-foot travel, your camera kit’s weight is key. Carrying too much weight can severely slow you down and deprive you of energy, but now Manfrotto has teamed up with outdoor sports-pole maker Fizan to turn one of the heaviest items in your kit, the tripod, into one of the lightest.

The Manfrotto Off Road Tripod has been specifically designed for hiking and outdoor activity. Folding to around 5 cm in diameter and weighing in at just over a pound, it easily slips into a backpack. Its rubber feet can be removed to reveal traction spikes perfect for giving your camera extra stability in even the slickest conditions. The legs operate on a simple twist-lock system and can be completely taken apart for easy cleaning when needed.

Engineered with the help of Finzan, the Off Road is quite peculiar to look at. It looks less like a tripod and more like three hiking poles with a camera mounted on top, which is essentially what it is. While it won’t win any beauty contests any time soon, it does show a great deal of rugged durability for a product that is so small and lightweight.

The handling of the Off Road is quite impressive, taking about 45 seconds to attach a camera to it and completely set up. It can support about 5.5 lbs of weight, meaning that you can attach most DLSRs to the tripod with no problem. For maximum stability, though, I would recommend not attaching anything heavier than an action cam or small mirroless system to it. One of the added bonuses to this tripod is its small diameter: it makes the perfect walking stick/monopod, while still offering an easy-to-set-up tripod. In fact, I found myself using it more in this fashion than trying to put it back in my bag.

If you are an avid outdoor photographer looking to cut weight from your kit or an adventurist looking for the best tripod for an action cam, the Manfrotto Off Road should be a strong contender. Offering a sturdy support for your camera while remaining lightweight, this little tripod accomplishes quite an amazing feat. For more information on the Manfrotto Off Road Tripod, visit