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There is no getting around it; winter is an absolute pain to work in, both figuratively and literally. Trying to shoot during the winter months is often a compromise between keeping warm and losing dexterity with thick unruly gloves, or decreasing the thickness of the gloves and losing the amount of time you can be out in the weather before the cold takes it toll on your hands. The Heat Company has come up with a novel way to handle this problem by combining two styles of glove in one convenient package with the Heat 3 Smart Glove.

The Heat 3 Smart Gloves

The Heat 3 Smart Gloves take the concept of gloves to the next level and are a must-have solution to meet all your needs this winter season.

The first thing that should be noted about these gloves is their design and their original intended use. These gloves were first designed for the German and Austrian Special Forces for use in winter climates for long periods of time, and it shows. Though remarkably lightweight, these gloves are made to take a beating. They are made out of a water-resistant elastic microfiber, and the palm is reinforced with high-quality goat leather that creates a tough outer skin while not giving up any dexterity.

The Heat 3 Smart Glove also offers two modes in which to wear them: mitten and dexterity glove. The mitten mode encases your whole hand and forearm in a PrimaLoft insulated barrier that will keep your hands warm even in the coldest winter temperatures, while also providing access to two pockets located on the back of the glove which are perfect for holding and keeping extra batteries and memory cards out of the cold. Unzipping the palm of the glove and folding back the material at the knuckles and thumbs reveals the dexterity glove mode with separated fingers. It should also be said that even though you are losing some insulation around the finger, it does not affect the heat retention of the gloves making them the perfect solution for fine-tuning and adjusting settings on your equipment.

The true added benefit of these gloves is that they are designed to be compatible with modern technology. The thumb and forefinger are made out of a silver material that makes them compatible with most smart touch devices on the market. When used in tandem with an iPhone, I found no issues.

Gloves may not be the most glamorous part of any photographer’s or videographer’s kit, but in the winter months, they are almost as important as the camera itself. The Heat 3 Smart Gloves take the concept of gloves to the next level and are a must-have solution to meet all your needs this winter season. For more information on the Heat 3 Smart Gloves, check out


  1. Eric Saffrey / November 10, 2014 at 10:00 am /

    These gloves are the perfect item for winters in Sudbury. Where are they available and what is the price?

    Eric Saffrey
    Sudbury, ON

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