A Classy, Discreet Camera Strap

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I am not a fan of neck or wrist straps for cameras. I usually find them too bulky, cheaply made, and just a hassle to work around when holding a camera. Not to mention, if you are using the stock strap provided with your camera, you have the added fun of having your camera brand strewn across your neck like a giant billboard that screams, “Look at the new fancy expensive thing I own!” Thankfully Gordy’s Camera Straps has looked at all of this and made a fascinating system combining a simple and classy leather design with a shocking amount of strength.


The look and feel of these straps is amazing to say the least. The slim cut leather band is wrapped with a waxed polyester cord providing a clean look that will only improve with age. The main thing that is so appealing about the look of these straps is the simple and discreet design, perfect for any street photographer. A camera strap should never draw extra attention to your camera, especially when traveling, to avoid to becoming the target of thieves. This camera strap simply looks elegant and offers strength like no other.


While the look and feel of a camera strap are can be important, the aesthetics of the strap mean nothing if it does not hold up to the rigours of everyday use. This is where Gordy’s straps shine. They are made from Latigo leather, giving them the ability to handle a weight of up to 25 lb; they can be relied on when put through even the most brutal of tests.

Gordy’s camera straps are a perfect option for anyone looking for a strong, reliable camera strap. They will add a classic look to any camera, while remaining to be discreet and not drawing attention to the camera itself. For more information on Gordy’s Camera Straps, visit thecamerastore.com.

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