Aputure Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash

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I occasionally like to experiment with macrophotography, especially at this time of year. People tend to gush over fun macro photos because of the incredible level of detail you can capture no matter what the subject matter is. It could be as simple as fresh rain droplets or as complex as a reptile’s facial features. As I have learned from the pros, one of the keys to great macro work is great lighting. Since macrophotography is just a hobby for me, I was thrilled to find a very economical lighting solution called the Aputure Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash.

This ring flash is made up of 60 LED lights and attaches to the front of your lens using standard thread size adapters that are conveniently included with the unit. This type of light can assist in achieving great effects for your macro work, with features including full brightness with continuous lighting, left-side, right-side, either continuously or as a flash. It is nice to have the choice of only illuminating one side to achieve creative shadows. Whether you want continuous or flash lighting, this ring flash is capable of providing dynamic results.

One thing I discovered while testing this product was that it does not support TTL , control is entirely manual. A brightness wheel is featured on the back to allow you to adjust the light down to a quarter power, half power or up to full. I like using LED lights because they draw very little power, yet provide a decent amount of illumination. For a lighting solution that is under $100, I am very impressed with its abilities and results. For more information about the Aputure Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash or other great lighting solutions, visit aputure.com or thecamerastore.com.


  1. Jeff / May 2, 2012 at 9:08 am /

    We’re are having a lot of fun with this light. Lots of people telling how useful it is in their day to day shooting. Aputure, the maker of this light has posted a great video

  2. kirk Anderson / June 3, 2012 at 10:15 am /

    Where can you buy this product

    • Jenny / June 4, 2012 at 2:33 pm /

      I just did a quick check online, and it looks like you can get it from Henry’s or The Camera Store.

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