The Jelly Lens

December 29, 2011 at 3:06 pm  •  Posted in Cool Gadgets by

Camera-phone photography is really fun and can help get your creative juices flowing. With all the digital effects and instant upload abilities, it is no surprise that phone pics have essentially become the Polaroid of the modern digital age. Even the pro’s are doing it; one of my favourite architectural photographers, Scott Hargis, posts an iPhone Photo of the Day on his blog: I have to admit, smartphones are capable of capturing decent quality images.

Of course, to make phone photography even more exciting, there are special effect attachments available. One of the neatest attachments that I have come across is the Jelly Lens. It is a plastic lens with jelly adhesive that you can stick onto your phone’s camera lens to create instant special effects. Each Jelly Lens comes with a flexible phone strap so that you can have it attached and ready to go at any time.

The first Jelly Lens that I tested out was the Soft Lens which gives a dreamy effect. This Jelly Lens would be great for for achieving 1950s style glamour shots or for soft baby photography. I also tried the sparkle Jelly Lens which transforms the specular highlights into the shape of stars. There are also a few other fun options available, including Kaleidoscope, Polarized, Stretch, Wide Angle and more. Since the Jelly Lenses are all under $10 each, I have been able to get my hands on almost the entire collection!

If you have never tried taking a picture with your phone’s camera, you should do it. You might surprise yourself with how creative you can be. For more information about the Jelly Lens selection, visit or