Ray Flash Flaghead Ringflash Adapter

September 1, 2011 at 1:43 pm  •  Posted in Cool Gadgets by

When shooting photos at events or family functions, I like to keep it simple in terms of what type of lighting gear I bring. In my opinion, the easiest lighting accessory to cart around is a camera-mounted flash. However, direct flash images are often plagued with harsh shadows and highlights. I usually solve this issue by either bouncing the light off of a surface or using a flash modifier. One of my favourite flash modifiers currently on the market is called the Ray Flash Flaghead Ringflash Adapter. It is an extremely portable flash modifier that can make a huge difference in the look of the light emitted from a camera mounted flash.

This model is unique because of how simple it is. Most other ring flashes are designed for studio use off of power packs and are not built with portability in mind. The Ringflash Adapter is a very clever device that distributes light emitted from your flash unit evenly around the large diameter of the adapter with a unique system of internal light channels, reflectors and shapers. Therefore, it only requires the light from the flash to function and miraculously only loses one stop of light. It also does not seem to change the colour temperature of the flash which is especially important when shooting portraits. The only limitation that I have discovered with the Ray Flash Flaghead Ringflash Adapter is that each model they have available is specifically designed to work with Canon and Nikon products.

Ring flashes are fantastic because they help you achieve a balanced, even glow without harsh shadows. It also gives the subject a nice rounded catch light in their eyes. The light from a ring flash is very flattering and most people love how they look when shot with balanced lighting. That being said, I think wedding and portrait photographers will love this accessory because of how simple it is to throw on your flash and bring around with you. For more information about the the Ray Flash Flaghead Ringflash Adapter, visit www.thecamerastore.com or www.redravenphoto.com.