The Sun Mover

June 2, 2011 at 3:40 pm  •  Posted in Cool Gadgets by

I probably use a reflector more than any other light-modification device I own. They are so easy to use and carry around. I also find them to be particularly handy in natural lighting situations as you are able to bounce a single light source directly on to your subject. The Sun Mover is a fantastic product from California Sunbounce and claims to be the first completely focusable flat reflector.

The Sun Mover looks and feels like most reflectors but with a few unique design elements. It is slightly oval shaped which helps keep the fabric tight in every position, the frame is made of flexible spring steel which is incredibly durable and there are two sturdy handles that allow the reflector to be held firmly and comfortably. I found that the handles really made holding the reflector a “breeze” in windy conditions. These unique features are nice to have and they are actually functionally beneficial.

There are three different ways of controlling the light with this disk. You can bend the reflector inward for a more concentrated spot light. You can also leave the disk in a neutral position without any bend to simply divert the light as you would with a standard reflector. Lastly, if you want a softer light source, you can bend the Sun Mover outward. My favourite position was bending it inwards because I was able to achieve an intense and concentrated spotlight source.

Overall the Sun Mover feels and performs like a high-quality product and in my opinion is worth the slightly higher price tag. My only critique is that it did not pop open as fast or as smoothly as some of the other reflectors I have used. Since I am an advocate of using minimal photo equipment when shooting on the go, I was very happy with this versatile reflector. If you are looking for a durable reflector that gives you light control in a small package, I would recommend that you check out the Sun Mover. To find out more information about this product visit or

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