The Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Kit V4

April 1, 2011 at 3:52 pm  •  Posted in Cool Gadgets by

When I am shooting with a sync cable I feel like a dog on a short leash. This is why I highly recommend a wireless triggering system. I found an affordable option called the Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger V4. The first thing that attracted me to the Cactus system was obviously the price; the kit is under $100 and includes a receiver and transceiver. Of course, since it was so economically priced, I wondered if this little plastic system was going to be reliable or if I was going to be forced back on to my sync cord leash.

The Cactus V4 can support both portable and studio strobes and has a built-in hotshoe mount which is a really nice feature as you can use flash systems that don’t have a PC sync. It could be used in a variety of situations and really enhances creativity. Since the receivers are so affordable, I am considering buying more so I can set up multiple portable strobes for interior and architectural photography.

The Cactus is ideal for indoor studio conditions. However, its operating range is 30 m, so it can also be used on location. The only issue I discovered about using the Cactus outdoors is that it does not work as well in the cold. The operating temperature is above -10°C. I should also mention that the Cactus works best with fresh batteries. Once the batteries begin to deplete, the reliability is not as good. Lithium AAA batteries seem to be the longest lasting, especially for outdoor conditions.

One of most important developments in my photography was when I took my flash off the camera and started experimenting with lighting. A wireless system like the Cactus makes this not only possible but convenient and at an affordable price point.To find out more information about the Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger V4 visit or