What is the best method for upsizing an image?

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My D-SLR camera only provides 10-megapixel resolution and sometimes I want to make 13 x 19″ prints with my Epson Stylus R1900. That requires upsizing the images—to 13 x 19″ at the 300 dpi that I want to use—but what is the best method for doing that? Do I need to buy Genuine Fractals software or is Photoshop CS3 just as good?
R. Cheung

If you already own CS3 you have two excellent interpolation methods for increasing image file size, including Bicubic “best for smooth gradients”, the default setting. This option is fine because you are not increasing the file size dramatically. However, you should also try another option (available in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the Image Size utility), Bicubic Smoother “best for enlargement”. Also available in all recent versions of Photoshop and Adobe Elements, Bicubic Smoother uses a more sophisticated algorithm to maintain even better image quality.

The Genuine Fractals plug-in from OnOneSoftware.com is not inexpensive nor as simple to use as Adobe's Bicubic Smoother interpolation, but it provides far more options and is more suitable when very significant "resing up" is necessary.

The manufacturer indicates that the Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition plug-in will allow you to “increase image size well over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail that you would normally expect”, using patented  fractal based interpolation algorithms. While I would certainly not recommend such significant “resing up”, this product is useful for those who must often make huge outputs from relatively small images.

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