June 30, 2015  • 

Here are updates to the Taylor Swift photographer contract debate. The most recent contract says they can destroy a photographer's equipment for violating the contract. And this is the Swift team's response. Star Wars fans might like these photos. Russian photographer Ralph Mirebs has photographed abandonned space shuttles and hangars from the Soviet space shuttle program at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. NPR decided to track down the subject of one of Mary Ellen Mark's photos. Instagram...

June 29, 2015  • 

Exploring How We Construct Meaning From Images

From June 30 to August 2, ViewPoint Gallery in Halifax is presenting Aviv Dror’s solo show Key Frames. These “key frames” have been taken out of context and viewers are invited to construct their own meaning and narratives.

June 26, 2015  • 

Canadian Modernism

Through September 12, the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto is presenting Canadian Modernism. This exhibition will feature vintage prints from the early- and mid-20th century by John Vanderpant, Harry Waddle, Rex Frost, Jessie Tarbox Beals and others.

June 25, 2015  • 

Is it worth buying a 15-mm or 16-mm lens for a full-frame DSLR?

Now that I finally own a full-frame DSLR, I wonder if I should buy a lens with a 15-mm or 16-mm focal length. My current zoom can go as wide as 24 mm, which seems like an ultra wide-angle effect to my eye, but is it wide enough?

June 24, 2015  • 

5 Interesting Reads

This photographer wrote an open letter to Taylor Swift. And here's the response from Swift's team. Have you seen the work of photographer Burk Uzzle? These ten documentary videos should inspire street photographers. Now you can ID a bird with a photo. Have you heard of electrophotography?

June 24, 2015  • 

BMFA 23rd Annual Juried Photo Show: Call for Submissions

The Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts has announced a call for submissions for its 23rd Annual Juried Photo Show. Open to all Canadian residents, online submissions are accepted from July 15 through August 21.

June 23, 2015  • 

Cool Gadget: Veydra Micro Four Thirds Cinema Lenses

Due to their high prices, cinema lenses are usually an item that is out of reach for most low-budget or independent filmmakers. Veydra is looking to put an end to this with the release of mini prime lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

June 23, 2015  • 

Summer Exhibitions in Calgary

In Calgary, Newzones is presenting two group exhibitions from July 4 through August 2. G'ddy Up! celebrates cowboy culture and Sunscreen is all about the sunshine!

June 22, 2015  • 

Sigma’s New 24-35 mm f/2 DG HSM | Art

Gentec International, the exclusive distributor of SIGMA in Canada, has announced the latest addition to the Art line of lenses, the SIGMA 24-35 mm f/2 DG HSM | Art. SIGMA was determined to create a zoom lens that offers the same brightness and resolution as a fixed focal length lens: in other words, the highest level of optical performance. The...

June 22, 2015  • 

DxO ONE: A DSLR-Quality Camera for the iPhone

DxO has introduced the DxO ONE, a camera that delivers DSLR image quality in an extremely compact size. Made of high-grade aluminum, the DxO ONE has been engineered with the iPhone and iPad in mind.

June 22, 2015  • 

Our Test Drive: Peak Design Carrying Solutions

The Peak Design universe consists of a group of products for transporting your camera, each compatible with the others. Promising… For several weeks now, I’ve been using the CapturePRO Camera Clip and the Slide strap.

June 19, 2015  • 

Ricoh Imaging Announces the GR II

Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation (Ricoh Imaging) has announced the newest camera in its GR series, the RICOH GR II, a premium compact camera with Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. The GR II is the smallest premium compact with DSLR image quality, making it ideal for advanced photographers who want the quality of an SLR...

June 19, 2015  • 

Does Technology Connect Us?

ViewPoint Gallery in Halifax has announced the winners of the ViewPoint Gallery Photography Competition. Each of the twelve winners will have their work exhibited for one month. This month the gallery is exhibiting U.S. photographer Julio Del Sesto’s Me-Volution.

June 18, 2015  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Are you familiar with Larry Fink's work? Here's a guide on protecting yourself from photo copyright infringements and plagarism. This is an impressive tornado photo. The Leica Q has been announced. Here's a Raspberry Pi DIY photo booth.

June 17, 2015  • 

#CaptureTheStreets Project

The I Am exhibition is the result of Jayu’s #CaptureTheStreets Project. This project included six photography workshops where six mobile photographers worked with 10 at-risk and homeless youth at Horizons for Youth.