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How to Look Like a Professional Photographer

 •  May 16

Need a laugh? Check out this humorous video by DigitalRev with tips on how to look like a professional photographer.

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Photographers Work to Raise Awareness of Mental Illness

 •  April 25

The above video/slideshow Troubled Minds, produced by photographers Clive Branson and Richard Desmarais, addresses mental illness and the need...

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Canadians Featured on The Weekly Flickr

 •  November 14

Flickr has featured some Canadian photographers on their video blog series The Weekly Flickr. Check out the links below to learn about the...

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Elena Malkova: Camera Obscura

 •  November 4

Elena Malkova, In the Light of Camera Obscura, video still, 2012. Courtesy of the Ryerson Image Centre. From November 6 through December 15, Elena...

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Review: iFlow

 •  September 23

iFlow prototype, "Artist" version We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on a prototype of the iFlow, a small portable dolly invented and...

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10 Photography Life Hacks

 •  September 13

DigitalRev has a great video with 10 photography life hacks that you won't want to miss.

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Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder

 •  September 6

Sony HRD-MV1 Sony has announced a new camcorder concept designed and engineered specifically for musicians – the HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder....

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What tripod should I buy for shooting video with a DSLR camera?

 •  September 2

What kind of a tripod do I need when shooting video clips? I really want to take good Full HD movies with my new Nikon D3200, and I really should...

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Photo Restoration

 •  August 2

This video offers an interesting look at the restoration and colorization of am old, damaged black-and-white photo.

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  June 26

Do you agree that photos allow more room for idealization than videos when remembering the past? Have you heard about Irina Werning's Back to...

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