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Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

 •  March 17

The Camera Store is presenting two days of photo instruction at the Travel Photography Seminar Theater at the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show on...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  March 13

This "Jimmy Buffet Theory" on marketing made me think. Photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca have a photo project on potholes. Need...

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Return to the Pacific Coast Highway

 •  March 10

© Sarah Anderson Sarah Anderson took a two week journey to retrace a trip along the Pacific Coast Highway that her parents took her on when she...

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Antarctica: Sailing Under the Midnight Sun

 •  February 11

Shadows of the Past © Colin DeWolfe Colin DeWolfe's Antarctica: Sailing Under the Midnight Sun is being featured at ViewPoint Gallery in Halifax...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  January 20

Here are some photos from the photographer that was aboard the stuck Antarctic Icebreaker. Speaking of...these century-old negatives were...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  December 3

This National Geographic has produced this inspiring video where top photographers share why they do photography. These x-rays of camera bodies...

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Turkey Photo Tour and Istanbul Tulip Festival

 •  November 29

© Louise Tanguay From April 12 through 26, you are invited to discover Turkey’s spectacular scenery, people, famous mosques, grand bazaars,...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  November 18

Do you find working in black and white more appealing than colour? Need some help with your bio on your website? Photographer Andrew Paul...

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Which tripod fits into luggage and provides great weight capacity?

 •  June 28

Some time ago you answered a question about selecting tripods (Which type of tripod should I buy?) and I bought one then, but it's too big to fit...

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Venice and the Amateur Photographer

 •  May 27

a guest post by John Aycock Dripping © John Aycock Venice is a hard place to take photographs. Not that it isn’t one of the most photogenic...

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