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Photo Exhibition Explores Smart-Device Tendencies

 •  November 4

From November 5 through December 3, Laurel Rath’s Look Up! is being featured at Viewpoint Gallery in Halifax. The exhibition explores the tendency...

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Cool Gadget: The Instax Share Smartphone Wireless Printer

 •  July 30

Many smartphone users take tons of photos and post them on a few favourite social-media sites. However, most of us do not end up doing much else with...

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SanDisk Connect Wireless Storage Devices for Smartphones and Tablets

 •  July 29

SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, has announced that the award-winning SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive and...

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Mobile Photography Awards Exhibition

 •  August 5

© Sarah Jarrett The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit organization located in Collingwood, Ontario, is presenting the Mobile...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  June 26

Do you agree that photos allow more room for idealization than videos when remembering the past? Have you heard about Irina Werning's Back to...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  May 21

Here are some photos and a video from astronaut Chris Hadfield. Check out these travel photo tips (hint: they are great for when you're not...

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The Jelly Lens

 •  December 29

Camera-phone photography is really fun and can help get your creative juices flowing. With all the digital effects and instant upload abilities, it...

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Review: blueSLR – DSLR Control with a Smartphone

 •  December 2

We all know the ultimate cool gadget around these days is a smartphone. Smartphones can make calls, play music, calculate taxes, entertain babies and...

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New Photo Guide App

 •  September 26

Self Study Apps has released a simple, on-the-go photography guide for iPhones, iPods, iPads, or Androids. Accessible even without an internet...

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Panasonic Lumix Phone

 •  October 7

Panasonic presented their Lumix Phone containing a 13.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 3.3-inch VGA touch-screen LCD.

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