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Full Circle

 •  July 23

Despite being nearly 20 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Dec 14, 1994, and a personal matter had directed me to Edmonton,...

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ONA Union Street Messenger Bag

 •  June 30

The problem that I have with camera bags, is that, well, they look like camera bags. Often they are large bulky nylon beasts that that can be spotted...

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Attack of the 3 Legged Thing!?!

 •  June 19

If I say Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Adrian Smith, Kirk Hammett and Eric Clapton, most of you will quickly make the connection that they...

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The Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster

 •  June 1

The Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster offerts a way to boost the power of the DSLR cameras' built-in flash by up to 8x its normal power, in a small,...

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XUME Quick Release Adapters Review

 •  May 27

If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with filters. On one hand, I love the fact that they help me boost my images; on the other,...

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A Classy, Discreet Camera Strap

 •  April 30

I am not a fan of neck or wrist straps for cameras. I usually find them too bulky, cheaply made, and just a hassle to work around when holding a...

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Zoom iQ5 Professional Stereo Microphone

 •  March 31

It always shocks me how much I rely on my iPhone or iPad. It handles almost everything from controlling my camera to taking notes. However, one...

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Tehkron CagePro

 •  March 3

Tehkron CagePro One of the biggest issues that I have had with the GoPro 3 is its battery life, or lack there of. If you are shooting...

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Cool Gadget: The CamRanger

 •  January 31

by Colin William Tyler The CamRanger Screen The CamRanger is one of the best wireless controllers available for Nikon or Canon DSLRs. In fact,...

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Heliopan Filters

 •  December 30

by Colin William Tyler Heliopan filters Filters are a simple and relatively inexpensive means to enhance your images, though it can also be one...

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