November 12, 2014  • 

Wet Collodion Photographs as an Exploration of the Ephemeral

Bau-Xi Photo in Toronto is presenting Barbara Cole's Meditations from November 15 through 29. Barbara Cole's newest work continues her exploration of water, but through using the wet collodion process to capture the ephemeral nature of seeing life reflected in water.

November 11, 2014  • 

Introducing Suzy Lake

Through March 22, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is presenting Introducing Suzy Lake. The exhibition examines the work and ideas of Toronto artist Suzy Lake, as they have developed over the last five decades.

November 10, 2014  • 

What a Pro Can Do With a Cheap Camera

This DigitalRev TV video shows pro photographer Alex Ogle taking a cheap camera challenge with....a paper camera.

November 7, 2014  • 

5 Interesting Reads

  Lisa Oppenheim won the AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize. This article on neuroscience and photography is fascinating. Lytro is teaming up with NASA. Here are some tips for travelling better as a photographer. Think aerial photography is a new thing? Think again.

November 7, 2014  • 

Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay

The 5th edition of Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay: International Meeting of Photojournalism is taking place from now through November 23 in Chicoutimi, Quebec. The month-long photo festival offers a full schedule of workshops, conferences and photo exhibitions, including World Press Photo and The Man and the Environment 2014.

November 6, 2014  • 

Learning to Do a Wedding Photo Shoot

The Seneca @ York Independent Digital Photography Program is a two-year diploma course that prepares students for a freelance career and provides them with the necessary skill set to work in a multidisciplinary studio. Photo Life is proud to partner with Seneca students to document their journey through the school curriculum. This week Sarah Sabo...

November 5, 2014  • 

Test Review: Pentax 645Z

The 645Z is Pentax's first medium-format camera with a CMOS sensor. The camera offers more than 51-MP resolution and many professional features, but its handling is as easy as using a standard SLR.

November 4, 2014  • 

Photo Exhibition Explores Smart-Device Tendencies

From November 5 through December 3, Laurel Rath’s Look Up! is being featured at Viewpoint Gallery in Halifax. The exhibition explores the tendency of people over the last few years to look down at their smart devices, while also pointing out what one can see when we look up.

November 3, 2014  • 

The World We Live In Photo Contest: Only One Month Left!

If you haven't yet submitted your entries to our biggest annual photo contest The World We Live In, you have less than a month to get your photos in! Now's the time to stop procrastinating and get over any hesitation you might have, and just go for it!

November 3, 2014  • 

Cactus V6: Erratum

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. In the Gadget Guide of the October/November 2014 issue of Photo Life, I wrote that the Cactus V6 sends TTL information to external flash units through radio waves....which is false. The only moment where the Cactus V6 transmits TTL information, meaning that the camera stays in full control of the flash exposure, is...

November 3, 2014  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Why do you do photography? There's a new photo-themed movie starring Juliette Binoche as a photojournalist. This app will help with nighttime photography. Do you agree that copyright law is broken? Did you know you could be fined up to $1000 per photo for taking photos in U.S. forests for "commercial purposes" without a permit?