Photo Essay: Vagrant American White Pelican

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by Deric Perry

© Dick Perry

© Deric Perry

While out looking for a photo with a friend driving into Glen Ross on Sunday, December 8, in the afternoon we came upon a huge gathering of Canadian Geese on the Trent Severn Water System. I approached a local residence to ask permission to photograph the geese. With excitement he pointed the pelican out in the middle of the gathering that had been there for the last two days. Shooting the pelican feeding and frolicking until dark, I was able to capture many high-resolution shots of this rare species in this unlikely location. The following morning at sunrise I returned to the location, however the vagrant bird was nowhere to be found.

After researching what is to be considered North America’s largest bird, I knew how rare this extraordinary event was for this vagrant to be so far off track this time of year. It has also been noted that the American white pelican is listed as a “species at risk” by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources.

Equipment used: Nikon D3X, Nikkor 400-mm AFS prime lens.

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Deric Perry is a wildlife photographer and a subscriber to Photo Life magazine located in the Quinte Area, Ont. To see more of his work, please visit

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One Comment

  1. Jack Skidd / February 10, 2014 at 10:17 am / Reply

    Amazing photos ,such a rare experience .thank you for sharing this photo Essay , Great Work Deric Perry ! looking forward to seeing more of your photos here @photolife.