February 26, 2015  • 

Photo Life is proud to partner with Seneca students to document their journey through the school curriculum. This week Tara Muhlberghuber shares about photographing a couple's vintage-themed session.

February 25, 2015  • 

Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition

The 2015 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition is accepting entries of photo essays through April 30. Each submitted photo essay should contain between two to five images that tell a mountain story related to culture, wildlife, sport, environment, or natural history.

February 24, 2015  • 

5 Interesting Reads

There is a legal dispute over who has copyright of Vivian Maier's photos. And did you know someone patented online photo contests? Photoshop is 25 years old! China gives prestige to photographers who win awards in the World Press Photo competition. Here are some tips for improving your work.

February 24, 2015  • 

Along the Pipeline Exhibition in Montreal

Robert van Waarden and Garth Lenz’s Along the Pipeline photo exhibition will be on view from February 28 (during la Nuit blanche à Montreal) through March 17 at the Maison du développement durable (50, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest) in Montreal.

February 23, 2015  • 


Through March 7, Newzones in Calgary is presenting Virginia Mak's Character Reference and the group show Perception. Character Reference explores the boundaries between photography and painting, and Perception features the work of process-driven, photo-based artists who manipulate the art in various ways.

February 23, 2015  • 

Exhibition Offers Rare Glimpse Inside WWII Jewish Ghetto

Never before seen in Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is presenting the work of Polish Jewish photojournalist Henryk Ross. Taken at great risk, these 200 images document what daily life was like under Nazi rule in the Lodz ghetto.

February 20, 2015  • 

CONTACT Gallery Presents an Exhibition on Lac-Mégantic

Through March 13, the CONTACT Gallery in Toronto is featuring Montreal-based photographer Michel Huneault's La longue nuit de Mégantic.

February 19, 2015  • 

The Importance of Communicating With Collaborators

When shooting, I was really concerned with how I could make the image technically sound. I tried to shoot a lot with different lighting; however, I could not to decide what the best image was. At that time, the model gave me the advice that I should ask the model what his or her favourite image is.

February 18, 2015  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Is wet-plate collodion the next "new" thing? (Don't miss out article on it the  February/March issue.) This documentary film focuses on African-American photographers, images, history and culture. Here are some questions to help you decide what images should go in your portfolio. Here's an interview about Vivian Maier's life and...

February 17, 2015  • 

Bryan Adam’s Exposed in Quebec City

Did you know that rocker singer Bryan Adams is also an impressive photographer? Setting aside the question of whether or not it’s fair for one person to have so much talent, it’s clear that this artist creates stunning images.

February 16, 2015  • 

How much faster will my camera be with a UHS-II memory card?

I read an article on the Internet about the new SanDisk UHS-II SD cards. This type of memory card sounds perfect because it's super fast. How much faster would my Nikon D5300 be with the UHS-II card?