November 21, 2014  • 

In this article, renowned photographer Robert Frank is quoted as saying, "There are too many pictures now." Do you agree? Does photography belong in art galleries? These are not your typical New York City photos. Have you done a photographic cleanse? With 2015 around the corner, it could be a great time to to consider where you are in your photography and where you'd like to head. Metz has filed for bankruptcy, but they plan to restructure and continue operations.

November 21, 2014  • 

Wildlife Photographer of the Year in Toronto

The Natural History Museum in London and BBC Worldwide’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year will be on view in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum from November 22 through March 23.

November 20, 2014  • 

How to Resize Images for Photo Contests

With our annual photo contest soon approaching its deadline, we receive many information requests on how to resize images at 1200 pixels wide, while maintaining the file below 1 MB. We figured it would be nice to provide this info here with a step by step process.

November 20, 2014  • 

How to Make a Floating Portrait

Photo Life is proud to partner with Seneca students to document their journey through the school curriculum. This week Rob Botten shares about compositing.

November 19, 2014  • 

DxO FilmPack 5 Now in Stand-Alone Version

DxO FilmPack 5 is now available in a stand-alone version, which will also work in plug-in mode for workflows containing Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and Aperture. This program, dedicated to the authentic rendering of over 80 legendary black + white & colour films, has added 16 new films to this version and is now supporting the RAW format...

November 19, 2014  • 

Help-Portrait Day

Help-Portrait is an international movement in cities all around the world where photographers use their time and skills to take portraits of people in need.

November 18, 2014  • 

Diana Thorneycroft’s Canadians and Americans in Montreal

Through December 20, Art Mûr in Montreal is presenting Diana Thorneycroft: Canadians and Americans (Best Friends Forever… It’s Complicated).

November 17, 2014  • 

5 Interesting Reads

The confusion about the  99 Cent II Diptychon brings up issues of misconceptions and reality and what happens when misconceptions are perceived as reality. Photographer Muhammed Muheisen captures life, loss and hope in a refugee camp. Here's a list of 10 free ebooks on street photography. Have you read any of them? I was surprised...

November 14, 2014  • 

Does Clarity adjustment provide better results than Sharpening?

Since I use Photoshop to convert my RAW captures, I have access to a Clarity slider in Adobe Camera Raw that seems to make my images much sharper. (Interestingly enough, this feature is also available in-camera with my new Nikon D810.) Are there benefits to using a high Clarity level vs. a high level for Smart Sharpen before converting RAW files...

November 13, 2014  • 

Trying an Engagement Photo Session

The Seneca @ York Independent Digital Photography Program is a two-year diploma course that prepares students for a freelance career and provides them with the necessary skill set to work in a multidisciplinary studio. Photo Life is proud to partner with Seneca students to document their journey through the school curriculum. This week Kei...

November 12, 2014  • 

Epson’s SureColor P600 13-Inch Printer

Press release by Epson Canada Epson Canada Ltd has announced the industry’s most advanced 13-inch photo printer – the Epson SureColor P600. Designed for creative professionals, fine artists, and advanced amateur and pro photographers, the SureColor P600 combines an advanced MicroPiezo AMC printhead with next-generation Epson...